With Capacity tight, do you have the pricing analytics to deal with 3PLs?

Business Intelligence is no longer “nice to have”, but essential to compete.
The opportunities available to those who can create an information advantage are large and increasing.

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Not just the initial cost of introducing a new BI system, maintaining a database is one of the key factors of increasing TCO

Compared to the commercial databases in the market. We can reduce 4-year-TCO by up to 45%, including initial cost, support cost and maintenance cost,reducing the payback period and improving your ROI.


We will use the right technology for the job, delivering solid performance, ready for both today’s and tomorrow’s questions.

Database technology is incredibly powerful today. It no longer requires you to contort your data into a Star Schema or Dimensional Model, which gives great performance for only the questions that is is designed for, leaving your ad-hoc analytics capability non-existant. What’s worse, Dimensional Data Models require much more ETL effort, increasing development hours on a typical data warehouse project by 40%. We will avoid that excess cost, while delivering the data in Business Relational form, which means it is intuitive to your analysts, and ready for ad-hoc analytics. We use great technology to achieve this.

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Lucidata is a Seattle, Washington-based company, providing data modeling and database construction services since February 2011, with UBI number = 603205852. With 30 years of experience in designing and building custom data warehouses and analytics solutions for trucking, brokerage, forwarding, logistics as well as global shippers, Lucidata Informatics has developed a solution based on new data technology, which can help you ...

  • I.    Create an integrated, strategic view of your business(s)
  • II.  Analyze your lanes by balance and profit to tune (or overhaul) your pricing.
  • III. Mitigate government regulation risks, and manage compliance
  • IV.  Cut your implementation costs and time to provide a DW appliance and pre-built analytics.
Geof Clark

Principal/BI Architect

Michael Silvies

Requirement Analysis/Datawarehouse Expert